"The St. Elmo fire hall was the perfect space for hosting my 30th birthday party. The building, having the freshness of modern renovations, maintains its historic charm. The "hose room" made for a private space for conversing while the patio provided great flow and ample room for a big group."

"I envision a Thanksgiving dinner for a few or a wedding reception for many working well in this dynamic space.  I look forward to hosting (and attending) events at the fire hall in the future."

"The interior design of the Fire Hall is simple enough to work in a wide range of event styles, from funky to elegant."

"My wife and I hosted a reception for friends of ours who were married overseas at the Fire Hall. It was such a great venue. All the guests really enjoyed its unique history, its open spaces, its pleasant lighting, and its patio space where we had a fire. The newlyweds in particular really enjoyed the dancing that we had and we were amazed by how quiet it seemed outside when we had the music playing loud inside. Everyone that came wanted a tour of the building and wanted to know how they could rent it in the future. Our coordinator was efficient, helpful, and enthusiastic. We had a great experience!"