About the St. Elmo Fire Hall


The St. Elmo Fire Hall, built circa 1934, served initially as fire station No. 14, servicing a 1,000 gallon fire engine. It also served as a department office.

During the 1980s, the Fire Hall was closed and became neglected.  For the following 20 years, the community struggled with the challenge of how to maintain the Fire Hall as a vital component of St. Elmo's history and architecture.

The Community Association of Historical St. Elmo (CAHSE) worked to maintain the Fire Hall for years, until it became too large of a burden.  So, in 2009, a public/private partnership between the City of Chattanooga and a local citizen, created an opportunity to not only save the Fire Hall, but have it remain a vital part of the St. Elmo Community.

The Fire Hall continues to serve as the meeting place for CAHSE monthly meetings (First Monday of every month @ 7 p.m.).

To learn more about St. Elmo, visit the St. Elmo Neighborhood website.

The St. Elmo Fire Hall as a Community Art Installation

Local businesses and individuals came together to save the St. Elmo Fire Hall, but also to accomplish more:  install a community work of art. 

Everything about The Fire Hall is unique.  From its original structure, to its thoughtful redesign, to the multi-tiered garden and patio, all the way to the modern finishes, The St. Elmo Fire Hall is one-of-a-kind.